Mazowiecka Wojewódzka Komenda



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Voluntary Labor Corps (VLC) are – on the basis of the Act on Promotion of Employment and Institutions of the labor market – an institution of the labor market. VLC are a state run budget unit supervised by the Minister of Labor, which perform state activities for 15-year-old teenagers and the unemployed up to 25 years old. These include activities within the scope of employment and combating social marginalization and exclusion of youth as well as tasks connected with education and bringing up. The main objective of the VLC activity is creating for the youth conditions of efficient social and professional development by building a system of help for groups of the most vulnerable individuals, organizing and supporting various forms of freeing oneself from poverty, unemployment and social pathology.


On the territory of the Mazovian Province there are 13 Labor Corps, 2 Centers of Training and Education, 2 Helping Farms and 8 Regional Labor Corps. In the professionally equipped workshops of the Regional Labor Corps the youth is trained in the professions of a hairdresser and a gastronomy cook. Furthermore, within 6 Youth Centers of Education and Job (in Ostrołęka, Ciechanów, Siedlce, Radom, Płock and Warsaw) there are the following organizational units: 6 Youth Job Agencies and their 8 branch offices, 10 Job Clubs, 6 Mobile Centers of Vocational Information and 2 Youth Career Centers.



Organizational units of the Mazovian VLC provide comprehensive protective and upbringing services as well as services in the labor market. No other organization in the Mazovian Province has a system of work with the youth so integrated and locally extended.



Leveraging funds from out of budget sources – in this case from the European Funds – is crucial for realization of innovative actions. Implementation of the European Projects makes it possible to take new actions, competitive on the market. It also influences increase of the organizational potential of the Mazovian VCL.



The youth associated in the Mazovian VLC comes from disfunctioning and pathological families, which are financially ineffective, threatened by being socially excluded. They need interactions in upbringing, rehabilitation, prevention and education both in general and professional training which determines their independence in starting a new, adult life. Main objectives of the Mazovian VLC are: combating social marginalization and exclusion of youth, combating social pathologies, alignment of vital chances, propagation of life without violence or addictions.



Within the scope of the labor market individual organizational units of the Youth Centers of Education and Job (such as Youth Job Agencies, Youth Career Centers, Job Clubs and Mobile Centers of Vocational Information) undertake a number of actions aimed at enriching knowledge and abilities of unemployed youth, young people looking for a job, pupils and graduates of average schools in planning their future professional career and looking for a job actively. They run group meetings and give individual advice, give essential information on the possible ways of education and prepare young people for planning of professional career. They also teach entrepreneurship and self-employment. The above organizational units also cooperate with various institutions and organizations in the local environment, thus enlarging and intensifying their offer directed to young people.